Easter at the Farm

This was the first year that we had Easter at our old farmhouse. We generally have it at my cousin's house on the property- the Old School House  It is generally to cold to use our house this time of year, though this year it was perfect. Someday I will add heat again. I removed propane stoves from each room a few years ago. They were placed in front of each fireplace and they made me nervous and were unattractive.









Day After Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving we traveled up from St. Louis to put up some some real estate signs on properties I have for sale in Louisiana, lunch at The Eagle's Nest and then off to our farm for leftovers! It was such a beautiful day in the mid-60's. The leaves are gone, though the rolling hills of Pike County are beautiful in their bareness. A few of us surveyed our fields to see the progress of the re-fencing and water spot project. It is impressive…..we may be ready to buy cattle this Spring. The "kids" had fun shooting clay pigeons. So much more fun than sitting in a basement playing video games.