Homeless Ponies from the Tornados

Due to the tornado this Spring near Bowling Green, Missouri our farm his harboring some poor ponies who had their barn destroyed. We all need to take tornado warnings more seriously.


Ted with Pony

Easter at Rockford Farms

Easter at Rockford Farms is always a fun family event. The youngest child in the clan is now 10 and the Easter Egg hunts are a little less of an event. I still dye eggs since others tend to bring plastic eggs. I would miss post-Easter egg salad sandwiches.

We are transitioning our cattle operation at the farm and building new grazing paddocks…with the help of a nice government program! In order to do this, we sold off our herd of cattle.  This will allow for the fields to rest a bit and for the new fencing and water sources to be put in place. The farm seemed a little empty since it is usually calving season.

The old farmhouse seems to be in good shape except for a very active water leak that I discovered in the basement. We still have a lot of work to do on the house to get it ready for the Landmarks Association tour later in May. A deadline is alway a nice motivating factor to get projects done. Maybe our weathered sign will even get a paint-job!

Last year was a little off since a hail storm ripped through the property on Easter night. All of the windows on the West side of the house were smashed out.  Most of the Summer the windows were boarded up…so the house was a bit depressing. It took until August to get the windows replaced…though we did get the house painted, a new roof, guttering and more. I am glad that the recent tornados missed us, though my heart goes out to those in Bowling Green who had horrible damage. We have a few show ponies mending in our stables who had their Bowling Green barn torn apart.

By-the-way…who chopped down my cherry tree? My sour cherry tree is missing!

I am looking forward to a delightful Spring/Summer in Pike County!






Malinmor Hunt Club- Bernoudy in Pike County, MO

Located up in the rolling hills of Pike County, Missouri is a fabulous Bernoudy that was built by a St. Louis family as a country retreat. It is now a private hunt club called Malinmor. I have not been through the house in a while, though I remember it as large with amazing views. Today I can just show you the front gates and long drive.



Farm Junk Images

I wrote this post on my www.stlouisstyleblog a couple years ago:

"When you have a working farm, you just never end up throwing anything away. You stick it somewhere since you may need it someday. Well we have had our farm over 50 years and have assembled a rich collection of junk. Junk slowly becomes art and then you can't throw it away."

(Update: since taking these pic a couple years ago….we did finally clean out our barns.  They are not as interesting, though we have room now and good $ in the bank from selling scrap iron!)

Farm 6-26-08 015

Farm 6-26-08 037 Farm 6-26-08 041 Farm 6-26-08 043 Farm 6-26-08 039 Farm 6-26-08 035

Farm 6-26-08 034 Farm 6-26-08 017 Farm 6-26-08 044

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A Link to More on Pike County Living!

Pike County Living is sort of a spin-off of my blog: www.stlouisstyleblog.com.  Over the years I have featured Pike County homes, farms, restaurants and more on this blog.  The other day I thought to myself Pike County deserves it's own blog!  I will still talk about Pike County on St. Louis Style, though even more about this lovely area will be featured here.

Check out this LINK for some of the archives about Pike County on St. Louis Style. Make sure you use the arrows on the very bottom to see all of the posts..there are tons!.

Below is a lovely home in Louisiana, MO.

Ashburton, station rest, lousiana house 055