Eagle Days & a Special Open House January 28


Missouri is one of the leading bald eagle states. Thousands of Eagles migrate south each fall to hunt around the open waters of our rivers and lakes. More than 2,000 bald eagles are reported in Missouri regularly during winter, making our state one of the leaders in the lower 48 states. The bald eagle was formally adopted as our national emblem in 1782. In the 200 years since, its numbers suffered a great decline. However the bald eagle has recovered and it is reported that more than 7,000 nesting pairs are found in the lower 48 states. In 1995, the federal government downgraded the bald eagle’s status from endangered to threatened throughout its range. A few bald eagles usually are seen in Missouri by mid-fall but most arrive in December. In some cases, a bird will return to the same location each winter to find food in unfrozen lakes and rivers.

Photographs of a church converted into a residence in Clarksville, Missouri for Dielmann Sotheby's International Realty agent Ted Wight


Open House: 101 S. 3rd St, Clarksville 63336 10AM-2PM

Apple Shed Theater:
(Building not heated)
Live eagle programs (presented every hour)
“Where Eagles Soar” video
Activities for kids
DisplaysFree eagle art prints
Conservation gifts for sale

Clarksville Visitor Center:
Hwy. 79 at north edge of town
Tourist and eagle information
Eagle viewing
Gift shop

River Front City Park
Eagle viewing through spotting scopes
Volunteers available to assist you

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