Landmarks Association Pike County Ramble 2012

The St. Louis Landmarks Association had another Pike County Ramble in May.  I hosted the group…many who were returning ramblers from last year's tour to Clarksville and Paynesville.

We had a lovely day and saw the best of Pike County and Louisiana.

We started at our family farm- Rockford Farms where they saw our historic Griffith McCune house and then the adjoining Rockford School House. Afterwards we saw the historic McIlroy House perched up on a hill with a perfect view of the rolling hills and valleys. From there we traveled to Louisiana.  The group waived at the historic Stark Home on Highway D as they ohhed and ahhed! At the first stop in Louisiana they were greeted by the Osborns at their historic Luce House on Georgia Street. See the first set of pictures below. Afterwards we dined at The Eagles Nest on chicken and shrimp salad. After lunch we toured the perfectly restored Jackson House on Georgia….peaked into one of the historic Buffum homes….visited Stark Nursery….then somehow we got the bus up through the rambling River View Graveyards roads to catch a view of the river and Illinois valley beyond. The group was impressed and will certainly spread good words about Lousiana, MO and Pike County!





A mirror that once graced the Campbell House in St Louis


Lunch at The Eagle's Nest



The lovely Jackson home



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